Here are links and some commentary on people I know, businesses I like, and companies that I appreciate.

Highland Wood Working

Highland Hardware in Atlanta. Great source for a multitude of things. From chisels and gouges, Festool and Fein, they seem to have just about everything. I really appreciate the veneer tools and hide glue.

Dave Bilger’s B&B Rare Woods veneer page. Super customer service.

Festool USA. Possibly the best corded hand tools on the planet.

Craft Supply USA. Woodturner’s dreamland. Another great company with awesome selection, decent prices, and good service.

sharp decision knives

Jon Moore. A guy I am fortunate enough to know, and an absolute talent at making blades. His knives are amazing.

Sometimes the most ingenious concepts are the simplest. Just add CNC.

My dream shop looks a lot like their catalogs. If you love Festool, but are looking for stationary equipment, check it out.