Randal Weber Custom Woodworking

My name is Randal Weber and my journey in custom woodworking began at a young age. I often preferred playing with something I made rather than bought, even if my Star Wars toy was nothing more than a scrap of wood and nails. My first job, at age 15, was in a cabinet making shop and there the seeds for my future passion and career were planted. I spent my college years doing facility maintenance. As my career progressed, I remodeled extensively, trimmed new home construction, and continually pursued furniture design and construction. Today, it is my full time passion.

The apex of my existence is when customers see their finished project for the first time. Always shooting for a “wow” moment. A large part of delivering that moment is going above and beyond what is expected. My problem solving and analytical skills have provided me the opportunity to work on some extremely interesting projects such as historical register sites, civic buildings, and beautiful old houses just in need of someone who understands them.

I love historical millwork and all the details it creates, and the design behind it. I routinely reproduce moldings for structures where what they have is no longer readily available.

I also thoroughly enjoy connecting with other like minded craftsmen in whatever way that opportunity presents itself. Years of attending shows and events, the occasional weekend class, have created a network of friends across the country which at times proves absolutely invaluable in decoding the more esoteric aspects of the unique jobs that come across my plate.

Let's have a conversation about your project.