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For 20+ years I have been working with wood to develop a set of unique skills that bring creative solutions to your historic restoration projects, your custom furniture needs and home cabinetry needs, that will last for generations to come.

Projects that bring pride

Ferguson House renovation

Ferguson House – Lincoln, NE

The Ferguson House in downtown Lincoln was constructed between 1909 and 1911. It is one of the finest examples of Second Renaissance Revival architecture in the area and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. From 2017 through 2018, it underwent repairs primarily to the back of the house. The sun porch was completely removed at the first level, and Randal was tasked with cataloging all of the “storefront” style enclosure of the porch before demolition, as well as recreating all of the wall panels, windows, transoms, and doors to be returned to the rebuilt porch.

Kennard House Lincoln NE Renovation

Kennard House – Lincoln, NE

Built in 1869, the Thomas P. Kennard House, also known as the Nebraska Statehood Memorial, is the oldest remaining building in the original plat of Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2017, Randal was asked to replace all of the wooden railings on the Italianate style structure. This included straight runs as well as octagonal bumpouts over the windows, and sections that were crane hoisted sixty feet in the air to the roof. Nine separate moulding profiles were used to recreate the details in the railings and porch columns.

custom copper top dining table by Randal Weber
Custom Dining Table –
Sioux Falls, SD

This table was a collaboration between Randal and the client to create a 12′ long dining table with an entirely timber-framed sub-structure. The timbers are locally sources Ash and range between 7 – 9″ in thickness. The top is hammered copper with a chemical applied patina. No glue was used in the construction; all joints use either pegged or wedged tenons. The table was delivered and assembled on site.

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